A Short Description about Switch Blade Knives

Whenever you will make a search on purchasing knives for your own use, it is very essential to look forward the best automatic knife. Also you have to make sure about selecting right switch blade knives so that you can use it as per your requirement.

Numerous people have a thought in their mind that knives are the dangerous weapon. But do you know that it can help you when it comes to self-defense? Now-a-days people prefer switch blade knife among all, because it becomes very easy to carry wherever they will go. It is advisable every person to get a good quality knife so that it does not create any problem while using.


You may find distinct varieties of knives which are used to perform specific tasks. Some knives may come inside tool box which are used in case of emergency situations.

For your self-defense purpose you need to get hold of automatic knife. It is very important to purchase a branded automatic knife so that it may not create any problem at the time of its requirement. You can find automatic knives in different shapes and sizes in the market. It depends on you that what type of knife suits you at your certain price range.

You need to maintain your switch knife properly so that it can be useful for a long period of time. You should keep it neat and clean after its using. The more appropriate way is to clean the blade with water. Also keep in your mind that no to soak your switch knife. Always you should keep it dry.

switchblade knife

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How to Stay Safe in an Unsafe World?

Can you defend yourself or your loved ones, if someone would attack you physically? This is the one of those few questions that normal people do not want to give answer to! Although, all these things are relating to violence, but unfortunately, that is in fact is a part of our daily life. After all, you can never say, you will not face something like that or nothing like that will happen to you ever.

Regardless of your physical strength, your height or weight, you certainly can learn several self defense techniques to make yourself ready for those sticky situations to stay safe without being harmed, robbed or sexually assaulted.

Below given are few tips and guidelines on how to stay safe in an unsafe world. Simply follow the guide to learn it.

Tips and Guidelines –

1.    Prevention is the best self-defense –

The first and foremost thing of self-defense is to learn the prevention skills. Attackers whatever their objectives are, always target those who are vulnerable. That is why, it is important that you follow the general safety tips like being aware of your surroundings, your walking areas etc. Try to avoid taking those routes, where chances of being robbed are more.

2.    Most effective body parts to hit –

When you are in a confrontation, and when you have no way to out except to face it, it is better to know which body part you should target to get attacker down. Some of the body parts like eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs are the body parts that you can damage very easily to get any attacker down.

3.    Moves for getting out –

Other way, if you cannot stand there trading punches or kicks with the attacker; you can use your body weight to make yourself escape from attacker’s hold. There are certain moves that some experts suggest to avoid being a victim. You better learn them for getting yourself out of certain troubles.

4.    Self defense tools to use –

For a woman, sometimes self defense tools work better. To protect yourself or say, to avoid attack, you always can have Butterfly Knife or Balisong Knife in your pocket to use that against attacker. You can also carry mace gun, or self-defense knuckles or some other tools such like that for self defense as well.

So friends, this is how you can keep yourself at the safe side always, if you follow the above tips very carefully.

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How to Choose a Switchblades Automatic Knife?

Everyone needs automatic knife! While some need it for everyday cutting tasks others require it for self protection. There are hundreds, even thousands of varieties available in the market to serve specific purpose. If you are one of those want to determine the best knife for you, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will learn how to choose an Automatic knife. There are number of factors to consider while choosing switch blades knives. I am sure, after reading this article; you will be sure to find the best automatic knife for you!

Ask yourself the following questions, before you decide which one will be best for you!

Switch Blade Knife

What size your automatic knife should have?

Size matters! There are certain tasks in the kitchen that are nearly impossible to work with the small sized knife. Therefore, it is important that you know the size you require for your use. Note that, most automatic knives are larger in size; you can easily find them online or from local stores.

Despite of that, if you prefer a smaller knife, there are also a wide range of traditional patterns available, which you can consider as per your requirements.

Automatic Knife

What steel type you want it to have?

Mostly all chefs complain, if their knife is not made of good steel. Typically, quality steel knives give a good cutting edge; make food preparation pretty easier, because it does not allow you to struggle with the vegetables much! So it is mandatory that you consider a quality knife with decent steel that can assist you better in the kitchen and not trouble you at all.

You want natural wood handle or bone handle?

To get a tight grip on switchblades knives, this is also significant that you give priority to the material of the handle. There are a lot of varieties you can find in the market. So decide one based on your requirement.

Would you like more than one blade?

Some switchblades knives come with multiple blades. If you want a knife that has more than one blade, you can consider multi-switchblades knives.

switchblade knives for sale

So friends, these are few questions would help you to find the best Balisong Knife. Note that, there plenty of varieties you can find online and even in local stores. So, to avoid confusion of finding the best, you better ask yourself the above questions before you make your choice!

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Do You Own a Switchblade Knife?

If no, then skip this content; it’s not for you. But if yes or else if it’s something you are going to have in near future, then go through this. It may help you sooner or later.

One of the recent news that caught my eyes is the arrest of a 14 year old for possessing metal knuckles and switchblade knives.

Knife is not merely something that is used for cutting or chopping of fruits, veggies and pork in the kitchen. There are hundreds of variants of a knife each of these having different function. It is neither easy to demark the functionality of each of the variants nor is it easy to track and judge each of the crime caused by it. Therefore, these edgy groups are jumbled up with a number of state, local and federal laws.


When we talk about a switch blade knife, which is one of the most coveted possessions of people nowadays; there are a number of laws related to its possession which is not known to the owners. Owing to its extreme sharp edges, easy functionality and portable features it is widely popular in the market. Be it in the kitchen or else in the garage or even in a lady’s purse for security purpose, switchblades have a great usability than the conventional knives. Moreover since they are always encased, they do not rust easily and thus have a better longevity.


Coming to the legal status of switch blade knives; different countries have different restrictions on its possession. Under the Federal Switchblade Act 1958, they can’t be imported from another state. However this law provides relaxation to individuals working in military forces and law enforcement. It also provides exemption to people working with arms and ammunitions. Other stringencies include, possession below 18 years of age is punishable, and using it in a threatening way and dealing with any of the banned knives can put you behind bars. For a complete list of banned knives, you can seek the help of internet. A simple search over Google can help you. You can even take the help of your local police station in this regard.

One of the most genuine ways to avoid all these law related issues it to buy knives from authenticate stores. Though it will take a great deal for finding the best one, but don’t you think spending a bit of more time is better than going behind the bars?

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What are the benefits of Automatic Knives?

We use knives in our day to day lives. There hardly you can ever imagine a single day without a knife in the kitchen. The benefits of a knife are many! You simply cannot count it just like that without using it practically. People those are practically used it tell that they are benefited in many ways with this remarkable tool. And I am sure, by knowing those obvious benefits you will love to buy one too!

ATT00015A-1The benefits –

  • Automatic Knives are very useful in kitchen cutting greens and other food items very cleanly and smoothly.
  • Even it could be used as a weapon for self protection in case of any emergencies.
  • Unlike any usual knives, Automatic Knife includes superb high quality hand-grip and it has sharp metallic blade that can cut off every possible item.
  • For those who are in catering business, Automatic Knife is very helpful in cutting food items very fast to save loads of time.

So friends, as you can notice, these are the benefits that you can expect from an Automatic Knife.